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The Paivepo Pipeline

The digital space evolves consistently and requires a regular and persistent approach to digital storytelling. Paivepo accommodates this phenomena with a subscription based Agile project management approach. Agile project management is an iterative approach to project delivery that uses incremental steps to promote velocity and adaptability. The Agile project management approach focuses on delivering maximum value against business priorities in the time and budget allowed. The project is broken down into small deliverables called sprints which are executed in a given time frame

The Steps

The first step is to understand the project and its requirements. This step involves meeting with the client either virtually or physically to gain an understanding of what their business does, their brand experience, project expectations and available project assets. We will then match these findings with the project requirements and appropriate subscription tier and prepare a proposal for approval. Once the project is approved and terms of service are agreed upon the second stage begins

It involves internal planning of execution strategies and scheduling of deliverables in collaboration with the client. At the end a web strategy document is produced and its client approval triggers the next stage

Consist of the development of the website and its digital content in accordance with the relevance subscription Tier.

Deployment of the site on the internet and early testing of all its features

A continuous upgrade and maintenance of the website and digital content in accordance with evolving best practices and client subscription Tier

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